FEMA Region VI Mitigation Officers Visit UNM

FEMA Region VI Mitigation Officers Visit UNM

FEMA officials Trey Rozelle (l) and Bart Moore (r) talk with Wesley Stallcup from the Earth Data Analysis Center

Representatives from Region VI of the Federal Emergency Management Agency Trey Rozelle and Bart Moore, accompanied by the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security Emergency Management State Mitigation Officer Sophia Beym, visited the university last month to meet the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Team.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss the process of developing the mitigation plan and explain what projects FEMA may fund when the university's plan is approved and implemented.  Professor Don Duszynski, Biology Professor Emeritus and Special Assistant to the UNM President, welcomed the FEMA team, explained the importance of UNM completing a mitigation plan and stressed the president's support and willingness in implementing this plan across the campus.

Shirley Baros, UNM PDM Planning Team Co-Principle Investigator, provided a background on the mitigation process from the beginning.  She said, "It's important for the university to recognize natural hazards that may cause damage to UNM structures and harm the lives of faculty, students, staff or visitors to the campus.  Having a plan that we can implement enhances the campus overall awareness where we can be proactive instead of reactive."

Rozelle said he was very impressed with the university's commitment to the mitigation process stating, "FEMA has many project dollars available and once UNM has their plan approved and adopted, it is eligible to receive such funds to enhance its infrastructure to mitigate against natural hazards,"  Beym added she is very impressed with UNM's commitment to the mitigation project and developing a plan.

UNM has been working on the mitigation process for the last 18 months and is in the final stages of developing the PDM Plan for submission to NMDHSEM and FEMA for approvals.